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Welcome to Makro Organics Europe

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What we do

Heal the earth's soils and waters

Makro Organics Europe distributes unique patented organic solutions to improve environmental challenges. We focus our attention on the remediation of water and soils used in the listed sectors below. Our solutions are all plant-based, organic and cost-effective.

Makro Organics Europe serves the following sectors:

  • Water and Waste Water Treatment

  • Sports & Turf

  • Mining water systems

  • Industrial cooling towers

  • Aquaculture

  • Agriculture, horticulture and hydroponics

  • Irrigation and piping systems

golf course.png

Sports Turf


Covered Plants

Agriculture and Horticulture


cooling towers.png

Industrial Piping & Cooling Towers


Mountians and Lake

Dams, Lakes and Rivers

OxyCure & Sludge Buster



AC-Pro & Sludge Buster

Image by Ivan Bandura

Water and Wastewater

OxyCure & Sludge Buster


Green fFeld in the Rain

Our Testimonials

What our customer are saying

Vilasen Pillay.jpg

Vilasen Pillay - Head Groundsman for the "Shark Tank", Kings Park Stadium in South Africa 

"Oxyturf.....yes guys it's a game-changer....

I have used the product for a few years now...the pictures illustrated above clearly shows the difference. I have a clay-based pitch, which is a nightmare to deal with.

Anaerobic conditions, compaction, black-layer, and nutrient retention. These pictures above illustrate that there is no N P K put on for at least a month due to covid budget restraints, but we applied OxyTurf and as you can see in the after picture the turf has sprung to life and beautifully rejuvenated.

In areas of high algae and compaction, cool-season turf tends to become less stunted and rigid and more body to the plant and on warm-season turf, I have my stolons run further than ever. I have less disease as well."

Hope you guys enjoy using the product as I do and I'm sure you will find it useful when you just ain't got the time to verti drain in between games...

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