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Sports Turf Solution

Liquid soil aeration and positive microbial activation:

Product highlights:

  • Improvement in soil aeration and percolation

  • Reduction in the black layer, thatch and compaction

  • Improved nutrient uptake and sword vigour

  • Increased root volume (mass and length)

  • Increased resistance to fungi, algae, pathogens and parasites

oxyturf sopil rofile.png

What is special about OxyTurf?

OxyTurf achieves excellent, sustainable results by providing the soil with slow-release oxygen and activated aerobic microbes. Based on a patented formula of extracts from a special blend of naturally occurring plants, OxyTurf stimulates microbial digestive activity, resulting in the reduction of organic build-up and thatch beneath the surface layer.

This high-performance solution kick-starts de-compaction of the soil profile, unblocking pores and improving percolation. Dead zones and black layer dissipate and are replaced with a revitalised, positive aerobic ecosystem. 

OxyTurf enables nutrients, additives and fertilizers to penetrate the soil profile homogeneously, where they are absorbed by the root systems far more efficiently. You can expect roots to increase in volume and mass, providing sturdy turf and a better playing surface.

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From the laboratory

When OxyTurf is applied to the soil substrate a slow, catalase-like emission of oxygen is observed. Activity is enhanced in areas of increased bacterial activity, and in soil with neutral, rather than acidic, pH levels. Most oxygen is produced enzymatically rather than by chemical disproportionation of superoxide, and a clear correlation exists between catalase activity and enzymatic resistance. The production and activation of critical metabolic enzymes are also observed.

OxyTurf and the stimulated microbes break down organic material (carbon-based compounds) in the soil profile, releasing CO₂ and opening up pore spaces in the soil. This improves infiltration and permeability, allowing more air (O₂) to penetrate the soil. These improved aerobic conditions, aided by nitrogen supplied by the recycling of microbial populations, stimulate turf growth.

The composition includes extracts from a variety of non-genetically modified plants. The process of extraction is mechanical, using low heating. No toxicity observed in tests, namely Zucconi Germination Index 100% @ 1:24 H₂O dilution; Inhibitor materials <2.00 equitox/m³ Bioluminescence inhib./C5110184 (non-detectable) @ 1:24 H₂O dilution.



Turf and hydroponic applications


Apply 20L OxyTurf per hectare of turf using a dilution in water between 1:20 (20L per 400L dilution) and 1:60. Apply once per month for standard maintenance and bi-weekly for faster results. For problematic turf with unwanted anaerobic conditions, reduce dilution to 1:10 and apply only to the concerned area weekly.


Apply to reticulation system – for fast results 1L OxyTurf to 80㎥ water (12.5ppm) and for maintenance 1L OxyTurf to 200㎥ of water (5ppm).

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