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OxyCure & Sludge Buster

Dams, Lakes and River Remediation

OxyCure & Sludge Buster are applied for the remediation of eutrophic lakes, dams and rivers.

Product highlights: ​​

  • Systematically increase dissolved oxygen levels

  • Reduce fish mortality

  • Reduces Ammonia, Phosphates, Phosphorus, Nitrate & TSS levels

  • Activates aerobic microbes in the substrate and decompose organics

  • Reduces algae blooms and blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria)

  • Eliminated bad odours

  • Reduces risk of disease outbreak and anaerobic pathogens

  • Improves water clarity and turbidity

  • Reduces e-coli

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Remediation of eutrophication

Treatment reduces eutrophication and turbidity and systematically increases Dissolved Oxygen activating aerobic microbes and enzymes which stimulate the remediation process.

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From the laboratory

When this two-part solution is applied to the water, catalase-like emission of oxygen is observed. Activity is enhanced in areas of increased bacterial activity, and in the substrate with neutral, rather than acidic, pH levels. Most oxygen is produced enzymatically rather than by chemical disproportionation of superoxide, and a clear correlation exists between catalase activity and enzymatic resistance. The production and activation of critical metabolic enzymes are also observed.

OxyCure and Sludge Buster activates, stimulates and improves cultivations of aerobic bacteria and provides slow-release dissolved oxygen.

The composition includes extracts from a variety of non-genetically modified plants. The process of extraction is mechanical, using low heating. No toxicity observed in tests, namely Zucconi Germination Index 100% @ 1:24 H₂O dilution; Inhibitor materials <2.00 equitox/m³ Bioluminescence inhib./C5110184 (non-detectable) @ 1:24 H₂O dilution.

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Lakes, dams and rivers application:


  • Apply 1L of OxyCure to 200 m³ of water.

  • Apply 1L Sludge Buster to 250 m² of surface area.

Repeat this application for static water bodies monthly until remediation has completed and maintain with a quarterly treatment.

For water bodies with an inflow, auto dosing should be applied in accordance with flow rate and volume.

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