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Our Story

Mr and Mrs Gaybba, with a very serious and in-depth interest in botany, have since the early 1990s enjoyed many years helping people with plant-based ailments to numerous health conditions. It was in this period that they began using plants to remediate water and enrich plant health. 

The Gaybba's then proceeded to develop products that served the water and wastewater treatment sector as well as the aquaculture sector. Their product range worked wonders in remediating eutrophic water bodies with the greatest success in clearing algae bloom and reducing nutrients. The products developed the ability to slowly release dissolved oxygen and activate and increase positive microbial activity in the water bodies. In the early stages of research and development, Makro Organics had Stellenbosch university conduct trials and reports on the effect of the product on eutrophic water with tremendous success. They continued to successfully treat farmers dams in the aquaculture, agriculture and winery effluent sectors in South Africa.

After treating water bodies all over South Africa it was highlighted that the treated water had numerous consequential beneficial effects on the soil and plant life when used for irrigation. This catapulted Makro Organics product development focus on serving the agricultural, horticultural and sports and turf sector.

In sports and turf, many Golf courses particularly those using treated effluent water for irrigation required further treatment for their nutrient-rich water. This nutrient-rich water when stored in dams under summer conditions produces algae blooms, plant overgrowth and general eutrophic symptoms. When the tailored Makro Organics products were applied to these water bodies and consequently used to irrigate the turf, they reported improved turf quality improvement and further resistance to pathogenic and parasitic outbreaks. 

In agriculture it was reported that filtration systems remained clean and unblocked, irrigation piping remained clean and well flushed resolving bio-film, algae and calcification issues. The soil and plants particularly in the vineyards become richer in aerobic activity and crop yield and quality improved. 

Makro Organics Europe has certified the product portfolio organic and has provided evidence of REACH compliance as well as a full toxicology report clearing all products of any detectable toxins.

Makro Organics is focussed entirely on providing products that serve this wonderful planet we live on. Our commitment is to only develop environmentally friendly solutions to challenges we are facing with regards to the conservation of our waters and soils and improving the usage there of.

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