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Improving water quality in sprayers for

Agriculture, horticulture and hydroponics

OxyAgri provides liquid aeration and positive microbial activation:

Product highlights:

  • Improved dissolved oxygen content in water

  • Water quality improvement

  • Unblocks sprayer nozzles

  • Improves the positive activation of beneficial microbes


What is special about OxyAgri?

OxyAgri is tailored for agriculture, horticulture and hydroponic water systems achieving sustainable results by providing the sprayer irrigation water with slow-release oxygen and activated aerobic microbes. 

OxyAgri is applied for multiple purposes with the predominant reason to improve water quality and sprayer flow rates. With the improved water quality, multiple benefits are recorded such as minimising fungi and algae propagation and preventing blockages from organic build-up. Reducing the chances of cross-contamination of pathogens and parasites.

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From the laboratory

When OxyAgri is applied to the water and a slow, catalase-like emission of oxygen is observed. Activity is enhanced in areas of increased bacterial activity, and with neutral, rather than acidic, pH levels. Most oxygen is produced enzymatically rather than by chemical disproportionation of superoxide, and a clear correlation exists between catalase activity and enzymatic resistance. The production and activation of critical metabolic enzymes are also observed.

The composition includes extracts from a variety of non-genetically modified plants. The process of extraction is mechanical, using low heating. No toxicity observed in tests, namely Zucconi Germination Index 100% @ 1:24 H₂O dilution; Inhibitor materials <2.00 equitox/m³ Bioluminescence inhib./C5110184 (non-detectable) @ 1:24 H₂O dilution.



OxyAgri applications

Pipelines and sprayers:

Apply 20L OxyAgri using a dilution in water between 1:20 and 1:100. The application should be discussed with our certified agronomists.


Apply to reticulation system – 1L OxyAgri to 80㎥ water (12.5ppm) and for maintenance 1L OxyAgri to 200㎥ of water (5ppm).

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